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Low Down Payment

Stop wasting your rent!  With a low initial payment our “Homeowner in Training™” Program gives you plenty of time to buy.  Whether you need time to build up your down payment, improve your credit, or just want to test out the neighborhood, this program is right for you

Earn Monthly Credits

With our program you can earn monthly credits toward your future down payment!

Earn Base Credit

Unlike most programs, we give you credit for your initial payment in most cases!

Earn Extra Credit

Our program allows you extra cash credits for timely payment of your rent!

In-House Financing

Once your credit has improved or you have accumulated enough down payment credits you may choose to convert to our no qualifying “American Dream Homeownership Program™” where our company supplies the financing.  Or you can choose to get a traditional bank loan.  It’s your choice!  (Not available on all properties.)

Start Now

Our unique program is perfect for those who want to get started toward homeownership now.  Whether you have credit issues, haven’t saved enough down payment, or just want to “test out” the neighborhood, the schools, or the house our “Homeowner in Training™” Program is right for you!  Call today or visit us online now!

Finally, your time has arrived.  You have the desire, we have the houses.
Let’s get started today!


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4712 Country Club Rd Ste A
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