Hill's Paving & Construction, Inc.
2110 Hauser Rd
Lewisville NC 27023
About Us
Hill's Paving is a family oriented business with 30+years in the paving and construction business. We stand behind the work we do and have built our business on our reputation with repeat customers and reccomendations. We work in our community as well as with regional contractors and value their trust and respect. Our business practices are based on the religous belief that treating people with respect and honesty is the correct way and the only way. The cumulative years of experience in the Paving and Construction trade of our employes is in excess of 100 years. The bulk of our employees have been with the company for in excess of 15 years. We hold ourselves to the highest standards no matter how small or large the job and will perform to the standards you deserve.

The Hill's Paving Family
Ken Hill (CEO)-30+ years in the paving industry. Still works side by side with the crew on every job. Not a paper pushing CEO but a daily grinder assuring the job is done with pride and excellence. Takes pride in the business attached to his name and demands the same of his employees.

Brian-15+ years with Hill's Paving. Runs the paving equipment along with Ken and also has excessive experience in site preparation and grading. He takes great pride in doing things in a precise and professional way to stand up to the reputation Hill's Paving has set for itself. His years of knowledge in doing things the right way are invaluable.

Rob-15+ years all with Hill's Paving. The pavement finishing expert, doing finish edge and seam work. Also specializing in site preparation and drainage issues. All the years of knowledge and doing things the Hill's Paving way are invaluable.

Jaouquin-5+ years with Hill's Paving. He is the rolling king. Making sure that each job is rolled neatly and compacted to the maximum amount. Also very adept with the shovel and rake as well as the bobcat work.

Mike-25+ years in the hauling and paving industry. Mike owned and operated his own hauling company for several years before coming to Hill's Paving. His title is truck driver as well as doing many other tasks to assure the job is completed. Years of experience with the hauling industry are a very valuable asset.

Dave-15+ years in the building and trucking industries. The newest member of Hill's Paving. Truck Driver as well as other requested demands of Hill's Paving. Brings over 15 years of driving and building industry experience.

Terry-25+ years of experience in all aspects of paving operation. A very knowledgeable asset to the team as well as a great work ethic and commitment to get the job done right.

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(336) 945-4152
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Asphalt Mixing Equipment
Driveway Installation, Paving & Repair
Paving Contractors
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2110 Hauser Rd
Lewisville NC 27023
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