Dry Cleaning Central
133 Oakwood Drive
Winston Salem NC 27103

A Different Kind Of Cleaner 

Dry Cleaning Central is an Environmental Award winning dry cleaner that focuses on price, quality, and exceptional service. We are a small, family owned and operated business that will do everything we can to make your experience with us as positive as possible.

For decades, customers and dry cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents, such as Perchloroethylene (commonly called Perc), with known health and environmental risks. GreenEarth is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle, non-toxic, odor free solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand. For more information on our solvent, please visit the GreenEarth official website.GreenEarth Cleaning

At Dry Cleaning Central, we have 5 points of distinction that, when combined, sets us apart from other dry cleaners.

5 Points of Distinction!

  • Every Day Low Prices
    Being a GREEN CLEANER puts Dry Cleaning Central at a disadvantage. Our costs are higher than other cleaners so we have to work extra hard at keeping our overhead and production costs low, which enables us to keep our prices close to the same level as other quality cleaners.
  • Highest Quality Cleaning
    This is our promise to you, our valued customer. You will immediately notice the high quality of our cleaning. We guarantee that all of your buttons will be sewn on properly, creases are to your specification, and spots are properly removed.
  • Outrageous Customer Service
    We understand your time is extremely valuable - that is why we feel it is so important that we make your experience with us an easy one! Please just call us when your are on your way in, and we'll meet your at your car to give you your last order and pick up your new one. Or call us to have us pick up or deliver an order. We have routes throughout the Triad!
  • Comfortable Atmosphere
    We’re not your typical dry cleaner.  No chemical smells or messy counters.  You’ll feel quite at home in our comfortable lobby. You may even find some of Gray's homemade pound cake to eat there or take home for later.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solvent
    Your clothes will feel, smell and look so much better and they will even last longer when they have been cleaned. Also, since you skin is your largest organ, whatever solvent your garment is cleaned in will enter your body. PERC, the most commonly used dry cleaning solvent, can be found in your breath and in breast milk while wearing garments cleaned in it. If you smoke, you probably don't do it in the house. Yet you may be bringing possible carcinogens and chemicals that affect the nervous system into your home. 

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(336) 725-3773
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Dry Cleaners

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133 Oakwood Drive
Winston Salem NC 27103
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