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About Us


ASINEX is a cutting edge company specialising in highly innovative medicinal chemistry that is able to address unmet medical needs. With over 17 years' experience in the field, we have been constantly developing our products and services in order to provide the pharmaceutical and biotech research communities with innovative design resulting in truly novel compounds.

Our particular strength is the ability to conceive new design concepts for the development of novel compounds for previously intractable drug targets. We exploit these design concepts with state-of-the-art expertise in computational and medicinal chemistry to generate unique compounds.


The BioDesign libraries are one of ASINEX's latest innovations. At the heart of the BioDesign concept is the incorporation of saturated, spiro and oxy features, along with chirality, 3D geometry and good experimental solubility. We have been focusing on compounds which are highly privileged and at the same time under-represented in commercial sources. ASINEX's niche is the design of truly useful, novel compounds that require a high degree of synthetic expertise and design know-how.


Our most recent novel design concept is the BioMimetic Library. Natural product structures, along with the mechanisms of their biosynthesis, have been an invaluable source of inspiration. Skeletally and functionally diverse natural product derivatives have been designed in order to further advance ASINEX's portfolio of BioDesign compound arrays by exploiting a biomimetic synthetic approach.

Customer Service

ASINEX has a reputation for efficient customer service and reliable supply. We take pride in the purity and stability of the compounds, order turnaround time, rate of resupply and other follow-up services.


ASINEX is a leader in the provision of exclusive library synthesis, lead optimization and multi-step custom synthesis. In addition to chemistry we also provide in-silico driven lead generation, bioscreening and compound management services.

More detailed descriptions of our libraries can be found on the website. We would be delighted to discuss any enquiries you may have about our existing compounds, or thoughts concerning future library design that may be able to address your unmet screening needs

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101 N Chestnut St Ste 104
Winston Salem NC 27101
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